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We’re proud to be an authorized dealer of quality mattresses from Jamison Bedding. As a bedding manufacturer for over 130 years, you can trust in their fine products, from people that are committed to excellence. Products from Jamison are handcrafted, built-to-last, and available at excellent prices. It’s these qualities that make suggesting a quality mattress from Jamison easy for our staff. Make the choice to experience Jamison Bedding, and experience a good night’s sleep.

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Newport Euro

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Newport Pillowtop

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Hyannis Pillowtop

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Falmouth Euro

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Ivybridge Pillowtop

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Yarmouth Firm

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Yarmouth Plush

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Yarmouth Pillowtop

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Bar Harbor Boxtop

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Daventry Euro

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Kingston Frim

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Kingston Plush

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Kingston Pillowtop

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Nantucket Pillowtop

Resort Hotel Collection

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Bayside & Lakeside

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St. Simon & Hilton Head

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Antigua Pillowtop & Key Largo Pillowtop

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La Jolla Eurotop & Newport Eurotop

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St Tropez Boxtop & Pinncle Boxtop

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Amelia & Catalina

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Biscayne & Bermuda

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Aruba & Turnberry

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Aruba & Turnberry Plush

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Aruba & Turnberry Pillowtop

TLC Collection

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Sonoma and Exquisite

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Mendocino and Brilliance

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Tuscany and Magnificence

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Pallisade and Elegance

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Napa Firm and Opulence Firm

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Napa Plush and Opulence Plush

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Bordeaux and Grandeur